Line of Emperors of the Third Imperium

The Emperors’ List

The 1,500-year period of interstellar anarchy known as the Long Night ended about a thousand years ago with the establishment of the Third Imperium. The traditions of the First (or Old) Imperium and the Second Imperium remained even after centuries of disorganisation and it was only natural for a new interstellar empire to draw on its predecessors for precedent
and for stability. In a 30 year campaign that moulded public opinion at the same time that battle starships were convincing local stellar governments, Cleon Zhunastu committed a family industrial base and a firm foundation of industrial support to the creation of an empire that would rival the glories of past ages. He succeeded in forming a government that controlled, with velvet-gloved fist, nearly a hundred subsectors.

In the 1,105 years since the assumption of Cleon I, the Emperor’s List has been a convenient reference to events in the growth and the development of the Imperium. The relationship of dates and emperors serves as a mnemonic device and lends colour to the data.

Cleon I: Cleon I: First of the Zhunastu dynasty and first Emperor of the Imperium. Born -57, proclaimed hereditary emperor for life in the first year of the Imperium. Died of natural causes in 53.

Cleon II: Only issue of Cleon I; also known as Cleon the Weak. Born 21, proclaimed emperor in 53, abdicated in 54. In point of fact, a recent study indicates that the term weak may be an unfair description of Cleon II. Apparently unsuited to devious palace politics, but still recognising the need to consolidate the power of the fledgling Imperium, Cleon abdicated in favour of his brilliant chancellor, Artemsus Lentuli. Still vitally concerned with the welfare of his former realm, Cleon spent the rest of his long, active, colourful and from all accounts happy, life on the frontier as a self-appointed (and extremely effective) one-man fire brigade.

Artemsus: First of the Lentuli dynasty. Born -17, proclaimed emperor in 54, died of natural causes in 166 at the then incredible age of 183, demonstrating the characteristic natural longevity of the Lentuli line. The Solomani Hypothesis (that the humans of the galaxy are all descended from one genetic stock, spread by some ancient race for reasons unknown; and that the source of that stock was Terra of Sol) was proposed in 114 and received immediate, although somewhat disinterested, acceptance.

Martin I: Eldest son of Artemsus. Born 12, proclaimed emperor in 166, died of natural causes in 195. Artemsus had an elder daughter but she did not pursue a career in government.

Martin II: Oldest issue of Martin I. Born 53, proclaimed emperor in 195, died in 244 of natural causes without issue.

Cleon III: In the dynastic crisis caused by the death of Martin II without direct issue, Cleon Zhunastu, great-great-great grandson of Cleon II by direct first issue, appeared to be the most legitimate claimant to the throne. Born 201, proclaimed emperor in 244, assassinated in 245. Also known as Cleon the Mad, it appears that while his claim to the throne was flawless, he was not. His behaviour in office soon convinced surviving members of the government that he was a homicidal maniac, and a decision to dispose of him was made and implemented in short order.

Porfiria: Fourth in the reestablished Lentuli dynasty, Porfiria was the oldest issue of the grand-nephew of Martin II. Born 201, proclaimed empress in 245, died of natural causes in 326.

Anguistus: Oldest issue of Porfiria. Born 246, proclaimed emperor in 326, died of natural causes in 365.

Martin III: Second issue of Anguistus (a preceding infant died in childhood). Born 289, proclaimed emperor in 365, died in an air/raft accident in 456 at the age of 167, having outlived his only issue. In memory of this deceased son, the title Martin IV was never used by an emperor.

Martin V: Grandson of Martin Ill; oldest issue of Martin IV. Born 357, proclaimed emperor in 456, died of natural causes in 457.

Nicholle: Oldest issue of Martin V. Born 401, proclaimed empress in 457, assassinated in 475.

Cleon IV: Generally believed to be responsible for the assassination of the Empress Nicholle and the murder of her immediate family, Cleon IV was a distant relation in the Zhunastu dynasty and based his claims to legitimacy on that. Generally regarded as an interloper now, Cleon IV is considered to be the first of the non-dynastic emperors. Born 423, proclaimed emperor in 475, assassinated in 555.

Jerome: Ascended the throne by right of moot election. Born 525, proclaimed emperor in 555, assassinated in 582.

Jaqueline I: Ascended the throne by right of moot election. Born 561, proclaimed empress in 582, assassinated in 606. During the reign of Jaqueline, extensive expansion of the Rimward Fringe of the Imperium took place, due primarily to her economic policies which depended on cost-effectiveness. Terra of Sol was reintegrated into the Imperium in 588.

Olav: First of the Emperors of the Flag. Olav hault-Plankwell, as Grand Admiral of the Marches, defeated the massive incursions of the Outworld Coalition in the First Frontier War (589 to 604). Upon return to the Imperial Core, Olav personally murdered the Empress Jaqueline I and proclaimed himself emperor by right of fleet control. Born 532, self-proclaimed emperor in 606, killed in battle in 609.

Ramon I: As Olav’s chief-of-staff, Ramon was able to convince large portions of the fleet to attempt an overthrow of Olav. In the Battle of Tricanus 5 (609) Ramon’s forces were apparently defeated but Olav’s flagship was destroyed with all hands in a final closing action. Born 560, proclaimed emperor by right of moot election in 609, assassinated in 609.

Constantus: Born 562, self-proclaimed emperor by right of assassination in 609, killed in battle in 610.

Nicolai: Defeated the forces of Constantus in the Battle of Rakakaka (610). Born 559, proclaimed emperor in 610, assassinated in 612.

George: Born 558, self-proclaimed emperor by right of assassination in 612, assassinated in 613 .

Numerous emperors of uncertain status and unlikely heritage ruled fragments of the Imperial Core from 613 to 615. None held a sufficient balance of power to be judged truly an emperor and the Home Worlds had formed a temporarily autonomous state. Nevertheless, no break in the Imperium is judged to have taken place as the Imperial bureaucracy continued to function without interruption.

Cleon V: Born 565, proclaimed emperor in 615 after the resubjugation of the Home Worlds, killed in battle in 618.

Joseph: Born 581, proclaimed emperor in 618 after defeating Cleon V in the Battle of Markatch (618). killed in battle the same year.

Donald: Born 579, self-proclaimed emperor after the defeat of Joseph in the Battle of Arakoine (618), assassinated in 618.

Emdiri: Born 571, proclaimed empress in 618 by right of assassination, assassinated in 619.

Catharine: Born 582, proclaimed empress in 619, assassinated in 619.

Ramon II: Born 566. proclaimed emperor in 619, killed in battle in 619.

Jaqueline II: Born 569, proclaimed empress after defeating Ramon II in the Battle of the Nivzhine Belt (619), killed in battle in 619.

Usuti: Born 558, proclaimed emperor after defeating Jaqueline II in the Second Battle of Arakoine (619), killed in battle in 620.

Marava: Born 551, proclaimed empress after defeating Usuti in the Third Battle of Arakoine (620), killed in battle in 620.

Ivan: Born 580, proclaimed emperor after the defeat of Marava in the Battle of Sulgami (620), killed in battle in 621.

Martin VI: Born 597, proclaimed emperor after the defeat of Ivan in the First Battle of Zhimaway (621 ), assassinated in 621.

Gustus: Born 581, proclaimed emperor in 621, killed in battle in 622.

Arbellatra: First of the Alkhalikoi dynasty (and occasionally considered to be the eighteenth of the Emperors of the Flag). Born 587, served as Grand Admiral of the Marches and led the defeat of the Out-World Coalition in the Second Frontier War (615 to 620). Arbellatra returned to the Imperial Core with strong fleet elements and defeated the remnants of the Central Fleet under Gustus in the Second Battle of Zhimaway (622). Proclaimed regent in 622 pending the location of a suitable surviving heir to the throne. Proclaimed empress in 629. Died of natural causes in 666.

Zhakirov: Oldest issue of Arbellatra. Born in 624, proclaimed emperor in 666. Zhakirov’s marriage to Antiama in 679 marked and cemented an alliance between the Alkhalikoi dynasty and the business interests of the Imperial Core; it broke the power
of the Solomani interests at court and ultimately led to the Solomani Rim War (990 to 1002). He died of natural causes in 688.

Margaret I: Oldest issue of Zhakirov. Born 684, proclaimed empress in 688, died in a tunnel collapse without issue in 736. Margaret established the Solomani Autonomous Region in 704.

Paulo I: Second issue of Zhakirov. Born 684, proclaimed emperor in 736, died of natural causes in 767.

Tomutov I: Oldest issue of Paulo I. Born 712, proclaimed emperor in 767, abdicated in 768, died of natural causes in 801.

Paula II: Oldest issue of Tomutov I. Paula II is perhaps best known for her steady hand at the helm of state during the Psionic Suppressions of 800 to 826. Born 752, proclaimed empress in 768, died of natural causes in 836.

Tomutova II: Third issue of Paula II (preceding heirs died before ascending the throne). Born 782, proclaimed empress in 836, died of natural causes in 908.

Margaret II: Oldest issue of Tomutova II. Born 824, proclaimed empress in 908, died of natural causes in 945.

Styryx: Oldest issue of Tomolin (oldest issue of Margaret II, born 901, died 944). Born 920, proclaimed emperor In 945. abdicated in 989 in the repercussions following the mismanaged Third Frontier War (979 to 986).

Gavin: Oldest surviving issue of Styryx. To Gavin fell the management of the Solomani Rim War (990 to 1021) already set into motion by his father. Born 946, proclaimed emperor in 989, died of natural causes in 1031.

Paulo Ill: Oldest issue of Gavin. Born 981, proclaimed emperor in 1031, died of natural causes in 1071.

Strephon: Oldest surviving issue of Paulo Ill. Current reigning Emperor. Born 1049, proclaimed emperor in 1071. During his reign, the Fourth Frontier War (1082 to 1084) erupted; clever public relations turned the matter to Strephon’s advantage, although he actually had little to do with it. The long delay in communications with the front meant that his orders held little sway, and the armistice arrived almost as soon as the news of the war. The conflict, however, has been called the False War, and it resolved little of the continuing tension between the Zhodani and the Imperium.

Line of Emperors of the Third Imperium

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